Toowoomba or the “Garden City” is set in South East Queensland and it is one of the largest provincial cities of Australia. You have lots of things to see around this city and enjoy. The city as a whole is a treat for all your senses.

The sights for you to roam and see

See the Picnic Point, which is a beautiful thing to see on the edge of 'The Range'. You can also watch out for the Spring Bluff Railway Station, a former railway station having great picnic spots and lush gardens. Also do pay a visit to the Queens Park, the Botanical Gardens Cobb and also do not leave out the Co Museum 'Ja Raku En'. The other sights of Toowoomba you cannot afford to miss include the University of Southern Queensland's Japanese Garden, the Toowoomba Railway Station Building and the Milne Bay Military Museum.

Where to get some mouth watering stuff?

Enjoy some delectable meals at the Angel Cafe, which is a local cafe with fantastic meals on South Street. Along the Main Road, you will find many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy lovely meals and drinks. The food and the wines of the region will make you crave for more and keep your saliva flowing whenever you have the food before your eyes.

If you have to dine at a place with great ambience as well as excellent food and service, you need to look out for the SSS BBQ Barns; sea food at WEIS restaurant is fabulous, simply try it.

A day out at the city

There are lots of things to do at the city and youngsters will find themselves enjoying to the hilt. The student population will have fun spending time at the clubs as well as the nightclubs in the middle of the city.

Time for shopping

When its time to pack your bags for going back home, you will feel like picking up gifts and souvenirs as a memory of Toowoomba. In this scenario, you can go to the many shopping centers such as Clifford Gardens in Newtown and Grand Central in the City. The boutiques and shops of the lively place let you buy massage oils, wellness books, lavender soaps and other products that will help you get pampered like in a spa even after you return home.

Where to stay

At Toowoomba you will find a variety of accommodation arrangements, ranging from bed and breakfast motels, caravan parks, old colonial houses, modern furnished apartments, camping grounds and right up to regular hotels. You can easily choose an accommodation according to your need and budget.

Toowoomba in all is a fun-filled lovely place to enjoy and be cool. The place looks straight out of the pages of a book on fairytale. When you are here, you will forget all your worries.